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Friday, February 29, 2008

Let the blogging commence

Baking is my hobby, and I absolutely love it. I'm a decent baker, judging by taste, but I'd really love to be able to decorate beautiful cakes. My skills are not the most finely honed in the world (in fact far from it), due to my general lack of free time to pursue my hobby, but I have lots of enthusiasm and ideas!! In fact, I have tons of (untried) ideas, and am constantly looking for more. I want this page to be a stream of consciousness -- recipes I've made up, one's I've found elsewhere and tried, brainstorming for new recipes, brainstorming for decorating ideas, as well as interesting things I've found that just look nifty. And since I am getting married in a little under two years, wedding planning stuff might creep in now and again.

I'm not so diligent with my myspace page anymore, but I still manage to log on every few days: My Myspace.