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Friday, September 5, 2008

Rose Bouquet Cake (Wilton Course 1, Class 4)

Our last class of the Wilton Course 1, I decided to do the rose bouquet cake -- 6 roses arranged in a bouquet tied with a buttercream ribbon.

I dyed my roses delphinium blue. It is hard to see in the pics, but it is a lovely color. I made it the day before I assembled the cake, and it got a little more purple-y overnight, it was originally a lovely slate blue.

I frosted the cake in white, with a white shell border. I tried to use my icing comb to create a design around the perimeter of the cake, and while it didn't work as well as I would have liked, it wasn't bad.

My roses are okay, I was having a real problem getting smooth petals. My instructor and I troubleshot the icing consistency and everything else under the sun (she also had problems with my tip, no matter what whose icing we used) and she came to the conclusion that there might be a slight imperfection on the interior of my tip that makes the icing crack as it comes out. So, I am going to replace my tip 104 and see if that helps.

But anyway, I assembled my roses on the cake (center one first, on a dollop of icing), and then added the leaves and stems. I wasn't thinking, but I should have made all the stems intersect at a common point midway down. I added the ribbon with tip 104 in blue. And then I added rosebuds around the sides of the cake for a little added color, and wrote "Happy Birthday" in green out of sheer laziness because the class was almost over and I didn't feel like thinning down the blue and assembling another bag to write with.

I definitely was more into the last cake than this one, because it had a fun theme, and this cake frustrated me with the roses. But it still turned out decently


Anonymous said...

Oh I took this class! Your roses look lovely, I know personally they are not easy things to pipe out!

Carly said...

gorgeous cakes! I would love to be able to pipe like that! Well done you definitely have a talent.